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When they begin using social networking sites, lots of their friends will be affected and follow the trend.

For example, my friend, Jun, didn’t download any social networking apps before.

Blogging, or keeping an online journal, first became popular in the late 1990’s....

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(Boyd,2008, Rheingold, 1993, Katz and Aspden) Teenagers are finding their identity in the world, they are the “myspace generation” (Livingstone, 2008) the internet has allowed them to connect with people from all over the world but do they choose to do that....

[tags: Social Networking, Myspace, Facebook] - In the media there are many examples of how social networking has played a dangerous role in teen lives.

This is the source of what parents are stressing about to their children.

While many who use social media are enjoying meeting new people, they are also becoming distant from contact with real people and they are involved in a very surprising and dangerous environment....

The partial anonymity available online can be used as a mask for sexual offenders and psychos; they can appear to be ordinary normal people, and you have no way of really knowing what is the the truth and what is the lie.